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Potential for a Custom Sorting feature for notes?



Greetings everyone,


I've been using Evernote for a few years now and it has become an in dispensable part of my life. It's a quality piece of software that is improved that much more by the mobile applications it offers and its impeccable cloud syncing facilities.


I believe the feature that I would like to suggest the devs to consider adding to further improve Evernote is a custom note sorting feature.


I admit the rich functionality offered right now is already a boon to any user - novice or deft - and to the devs this suggestion may appear to lean towards superfluity but, I think it would be a thoughtful addition.


At the moment when someone shares a notebook with a friend or acquaintance there is the need to make a point regarding an appropriate reading sequence for the notes. A makeshift solution would be to order the notes by enumerating them manually; a laborious process I would think, even for most industrious Evernote users.


Moreover, you are either left the task of inserting a tidbit at the beginning of each note to recommended a particular sorting order or outlining to the concerned person the method for enabling the appropriate viewing sequence. This is the case at least for the most ineffectual of computer users and definitely for those who are wholly unfamiliar with Evernote.


If however, notes could be sorted by hand with the assistance of a drag-and-drop capability I believed all of these issues would be resolved with much elegance.


I ask forgiveness of any Evernote staff have chosen to suffer through this unfortunately long note but, I believe this would be a genuinely helpful feature for all - Evernote users and non-users alike.


And I thank you for your diligence.

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