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editing & insert point



I would assume this is an issue and/or request across all mobile platforms.


Say one scrolls down to the end of a long note and realize you want to edit.

When Edit is entered, the note opens at the top and you have to rescroll/search for the point again.


I'd like to see the edit insert point happen at the point where one decides to edit.


Marking text (for say the purpose of Bold/Copy/Delete) is somewhat hit and miss, especially at the left edge of a doc.

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Even the Android beta still has this problem. Really, the problem is that Evernote on Android has separate View and Edit modes - if you are in View mode you have to tap edit to make a change, so it puts you back at the top of the note.


The developers have stated that there are technical issues that prevent them from getting rid of the two modes - I think the Android version is the only one that still has "modes" - so don't hold your breath waiting for a fix.

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