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Feature Request - Comments facility for each note

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  Have you heard of Springpad??? It is one of the best note-taking service which is being shutdown this june. I love Evernote since I'm using it every where but I have a feature request for the product. It would be awesome if users can provide comments to the notes they have taken. For example at my work I create a single note for entire day's activities. so in order to track them I had to edit the notes. which is not good. I just want a feature like if the note is created it don't need to be edited but we can provide comments on what we did regarding the note. Springpad has this feature which is amazing. Also refer to Quip.com with same feature. I'd love to use evernote with the same feature.



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Would using a Note Link be awesome enough for you?


Your note(s) containing edits would contain a local link to the original index note.


Note Links can be generated from the note's context menu (Right click > Copy Note Link) and then pasted into different notes.





ETA: And yes, I think they've heard of Springpad...

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I think you have not understood what I am requesting here... I want comments facility for every note I create for evernote in the same way as Springpad. that is all.


Check the attachment I am talking about the section under Activity. I want the same for every note in Evernote.



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It's not as though you couldn't put an Activity section into a note on your own; I do something like this when I add notes to some software issue ticket that I'm working on as I plow my way through solving it. But as separate pieces of metadata? I can't say that that would be useful to me; I guess I'd turn it around and ask why do you prefer it over just a simple Notes section? Is it useful in collaboration? Can Joe and Mary add comments to a shared note and have something special happen? We're mostly not Springpad experts around here.


It's fine to make feature requests, by the way.

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I badly need comments on a note by note basis.  I only use Work Chat when sharing folders and then really can't see the usefulness of Work Chat after that since since that chat stream doesn't affix itself to have a link to a given note.  Perhaps Work Chat can evolve to a note granularity - that would be fantastic. Something like a button that one presses to see all the work chats related to a given note -- or perhaps a pane on the right side of the note.  

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