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(Archived) Tag Maintenance Tip

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Here is a tip on how I do ongoing maintenance on my tags. I refer to a EN note which contains all my past searches.

Yes, I could save some of them as a Saved Search for instant access, but the maximum number of saved searches is 32. And by keeping them in a note, it is easier to modify and create new ones.

Here is one search example on how to find notes that are missing a tag:

notebook:Politics Obama -tag:"Obama" -tag:x

This search scans my Politics notebook and looks for the word Obama in notes that are not already tagged with Obama.

The -tag:x is a code I use to screen out notes with images that resulted in a false positive.

For other people with common last names, I rely on a search for first and last names.

notebook:Politics "Ted Kennedy" -tag:"Kennedy Ted" -tag:x

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