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Lousy service and product.

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Evernote customer service is abysmal.  Abysmal means really, really bad for Evernote corporate readers.  They have no idea of how to handle contacts with problems.


I had Evernote on  my Android tablet, and on my Windows laptop, but I couldn’t see the notes I had on my tablet, while I was on my laptop.  I can transfer notes from my tablet to my laptop using Dropbox. However, I can do that on a lot of other note taking apps.


Forget this piece of Comcast.  Maybe if you sign up for the premium version, it might perform as it should, but don’t bet on it.  Substitute your own expletive for Comcast.  For Evernote corporate reader, expletive means obscenity.

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Welcome to the forum.


Sorry to hear that you had troubles. Do you have a Ticket number from when you submitted a support ticket?

(Evernote would be interested in looking at this, I am sure)


With regards to your issue, did you ever see the notes in the Web client? If so, then it would suggest that the issue is syncing down to the windows client. If not, then the issue would be syncing up from the android client.


Perhaps also double check that you were logged into the same account on both devices. I know that android tries (not sure if this is Android or Evernote) 

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Assuming that you are using the same account on your Windows laptop as on your Android tablet, you should be seeing the same notes. This is a common scenario; I use it myself.


When you refer to "transferring notes using Dropbox", you're not talking about Evernote notes, right? Not sure what DropBox has to do with your problem.


What specific difficulties did you have with the support folks. Post your ticket number and we can try to get this looked into.

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