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Feature Request - Copy Note Link from Separate Note Window

George Dyke




My main application of Evernote is GTD for my small business. I use Evernote through a number of clients and a couple of third-party apps, but in this case I'm interested in the Mac OS X client. I'm running the latest Mac client as of June 2014 (5.5.1).


What I would like to be able to do is copy the Note Link from an individual note pop-up OSX window. Currently the only way I know to copy the Note Link is from either the Note menu, or by right clicking the note in the main Evernote client window. (And I suppose the four-key "shortcut".)


What I'd like to see is an option to copy the Note Link from the header of an individual note. This would probably fit well under either the "arrow" Share Note icon, or the "i" Note Info icon.


Note that Note Link I'm talking about is the internal one that is used within Evernote, and pastes as a clickable version of the note title. Not the URL link that is used for sharing outside the Evernote client.


If I'm missing this functionality which is already in place, would be happy to be corrected.


Thanks for your consideration!



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