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Question about EN account and iTunes account connection

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Is it possible to have the same evernote account under two different itunes accounts? In my brain, I'd say yes because the EN account is by user name and the app itself is through itunes. I'm wondering about having a premium account and using the same account at work (one itunes account) and on my personal devices (different itunes account). 


C'est possible? Thanks!

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You can install Evernote on several devices, and log into one account on all devices.  Does that answer your question?

Kind of. The reason I ask this question at all is because when i upgraded to premium, the transaction occurred through itunes. So if the app is downloaded under multiple itunes accounts, does the EN account stay the same (ie will it be premium on all devices)? 

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You have to mentally separate the application and the account.

The application can be downloaded directly from the Evernote website, or via iTunes (using your account or someone else's). How you download the application has absolutely no effect on the premium status of your account.

If you upgraded your account to premium, it's always premium, using any client application on any platform, regardless of whether you paid via iTunes, using a credit card, or at a 7-11.

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