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How to get rid of "EverNote Holidays" NoteBook

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Your suggestion works for all the Notebooks that I myself have created

But this one is a default Notebook and does not want to disappear from my sight.


So...you change your default notebook, then delete the offending one.

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There is nothing explained in the Getting Started Guide how to change default Notebook

Kindly refer to help documentation


I don't do this very often, but there is an option in Windows.

Right click a different notebook + select Properties - there is a checkbox that says "Make this my default notebook"

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Mr Metrodon. Is there a help documentation on this issue which now seems light years away from what should be intuitive?

But I have found the trick , the very faint cogwheel that appears on hovering on any notebook (not just the 21) , in spite of your attempts to explain it.
It is really very very tricky. But that is surely not your opinion, sir, I surmise.
Yet the EN Holiday notebook is still there. This notebook is not possible to choose as default notebook. There is no such option.
One more reason why not use EN.

By the way : Preferences - Reminders shows EN Holidays notebook - not subscribed.

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Your first arrow in the screenshot removed this hated (even loathed) notebook, but the second arrow I don't understand where it comes from

I do not see any reason to name the command "leave" instead of "delete" as for the ohter notebooks

Is there mention on this in the help files ? I see only instructions on Deleting a Notebook.
Nor is there mention on recovering a notebook. It seems that on deleting a notebook it is not recoverable. But the files in the notebook

appear in the Trash so the files are recoverable.

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You cannot recover a deleted notebook, though on the desktop applications the notes contained within a deleted notebook should end up in the trash.

The "leave" language is specific to public notebooks that you have joined, such as this Evernote Holiday notebook, or notebooks that have been shared with you by another Evernote user. Normal notebooks just use "delete".

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What is the rationale for designing EN so as not to recover the notebook ?

The hierarchy is not preserved on exporting EN either. Why not ?
As said, I see no mention on this nor the terminology "leave" in help files

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I can't explain the rationale for the inability to recover a notebook that is deleted. Nevertheless, the NOTES are recoverable, and in the grand scheme of things, that is really the important thing to be able to recover, and you can do so. 


You should do one export PER notebook and make sure you check "include tags". Then each exported file corresponds to a notebook, tags preserved. 


I can't account for the contents of the help file, but I am telling you how to leave a joined notebook, and the method is to select "Leave Notebook".


I have already explained the rationale for the "Leave" language on shared notebooks compared to the "delete" language for notebooks you own. You cannot delete a notebook that you do not own, because you don't own it. You can, however, leave it. Any notebook you own you can delete because you are the owner

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