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Search with Evernote Premium

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2 features of a Premium account are:

  • search within PDF attachments
  • annotate PDF attachments.

Are these features only applicable to synched notes? On local notes it does not seem to work, or am I missing something?

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In regards to Searching within PDF attachments, that is only done on EN Servers.  So, it won't work on a Local Notebook.


As for annotating a PDF in a Note in a Local Notebook, it works for me. (Notice "Local" in the upper left corner)  It is done the same way as for a Note in a synchronized Notebook.  If it does not work for you, there may be something gone awry you need to look into.

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It also depends on whether your PDFs are actually searchable.  You can assist the search process by copying the content of the file (or a summary) into the body of the note as plain text,  purely to add all the keywords.  Once you find the correct note,  open the PDF to read the document.

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OK thanks this clear. It seems the PDFs that I make with my copier/scanner, which uses a Twain driver, are "funny" type of PDFs. When I want to convert those to a Word doc for example, the app that doe sthe conversion can't read them. Anyway, that's my problem. Thank you both for your input.

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