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Business Card predefined fields

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Hello everyone,


I've been using the Business Card scan a lot more lately, but unfortunately, every time I scan a new card, I get into some trouble regarding phone numbers.

I guess this is due to the predefined phone number convention that is implemented. I'm sure this works perfectly for U.S. phone/cell numbers, but it doesn't quite work for how other countries type their numbers. For example, here in Portugal a cell phone number looks something like this "960906069". When I scan a card containing this number, I get a Mobile field that looks like this "96 090-6069", which is not anywhere near how we type such numbers.

Same goes for landline phone numbers, which should look like "275725572", but show up like this "(275) 725-572".

I have tried editing the results, but even manually, I can't seem to fix them. Anyone knows how? Or maybe someone from Evernote that could add a feature request to set phone number conventions for how other countries type their phone numbers?


Thank you so much!

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Hi - you've raised the feature request by your post here - the devs do read these threads,  though they don't often respond on individual issues.  You could raise a support request (see below) which will reinforce the suggestions and may get you some specific help with this issue.  When you do find a solution please come back and tell us..

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Hi ruiguerriro,


We do try to format the phone numbers so that they look correctly for your location and the format we choose is based on the language information from your client and whatever hints we can find from the card itself (e.g. web domains, phone number country codes).  Many times, especially for traveling users who receive cards in languages other than what is their "native" language on their device, we get things wrong.  


Please file a ticked with support via the links below so that we can get more information about your situation.  We may also request images of your card as well to help us diagnose the problem.  



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