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When I use the web clipper to make a Simplified Article clip, it will insert superscript numbers next to any links in the article. That would be great except the numbers don't refer to anything. The expanded links don't appear anywhere in the clip. Is this normal behavior?




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Huh.  I have the same system you have with the exception of Opera (which may or may not be critical in troubleshooting at this point).


I don't use Chrome often, but I don't think that is normal behavior.  I will run a few tests to see what I get.


Using Chrome, latest web clipper:

Check this out.  I am clipping the Evernote Forum site.


Simplified Article Clip, I am getting this.   I would not expect this result.  There may be something wrong here.


Article Clip:   I would not expect this result.  There may be something wrong here.


Full Page Clip:   This appears normal to me.


Are your results looking similar to these?

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Sorry...here ya go...


OS: Mac (Mavericks)

Browser: Opera, but also experienced the behavior in Chrome

Evernote Web Clipper Version 6.1.3

Evernote Version 5.5.1

If you could post a link like I have to show the results you are getting with your clips, that would be helpful.

I am going to put in a Support Ticket for this.  It is not supposed to behaving this way.

I will direct Support to this Thread so they can see your links as well.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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The behavior in your Simplified Article clip is what I'm getting, yes.


I'm attaching several Skitch snapshots of an article from a musical journal online:


1. The Simplified Article Capture in the Browser - superscript numbers, no references

2. The SA Capture in Evernote Online - superscript numbers, no references

3. The SA Capture in Desktop Program 1 - superscript numbers, no references

4. The SA Capture in Desktop Program 2 - the bottom of the capture, so you can see there's no footnotes referencing the numbers.







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Thank you for posting that!


Support has been notified, however, they are experiencing a significant increase in Support Tickets lately.  So, our patience will be tried, but they will notify us when they can.  I would think you are not the only one who has brought this to their attention.



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