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Evernote Replaces the Internet Article

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Thought I would share a recent article I wrote "Evernote Replaces The Internet!" about on my experience when the Internet went out at my home office.



Evernote really came through for me and I can see how it would work even better if I were using it better.

Thanks for the link to the post, but, in the interest of keeping this forum from devolving into a link farm for people's blogs (yes, the irony of my signature is not lost on me), could you at least give us a summary of the article? That might be more likely to generate a discussion.

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Sure GrumpyMonkey,


Here is a synopsis of my experience that I wrote about in the article.


After an "upgrade" :) from my cable company to move all my business phones over to them, the Internet stopped working that night and the next day. I called for a technician, but was forced to work without the Internet.


I am a speaker and had some presentations to prepare and I use the Internet a lot to do research for ideas for my presentations.Then I remembered that I had been using the Evernote Web Clipper to capture articles from the web and from my Feedly Newsreader. So I went looking within Evernote for content instead of the web.


The Good: I was pleased to find there were indeed a number of articles on the topic that I was working on, so I opened them up and started using them for inspiration.


The Bad: I read news using Feedly and often click on a link within Feedly to save the articles to Evernote. Unfortunately this just saves a note with the link to the article, not the whole article. In recent months, I had those articles going into my Evenote Inbox Notebook and then I would open the actual articles and resave them, but in the early days of using Evernote and Feedly I hadn't thought of this. Not Evernote's fault of course - just my useage of it.


What I Learned: I learned that I need to be even more focused on clipping everything useful I find on the web into Evernote and to ensure I am saving the whole article, not just a link to it. Doing this creates my own personal knowledge library that can still work for me even when I am offline.

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