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android Page camera useful tip about page edges recognition

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(sorry for my English)


First, I use EN often on the road, literally: in my car


I used to write notes on a little notebook (a paper notebook) and then I discovered Evernote.


  • But, for fast notes or sketchs I have to use my (paper) notebook and then take a Page Camera pic
  • No, I don't use Moleskine: those sheets of paper have a 2 minutes life, it would be a waste of money
  • And, not being on a table or a flat surface, not having a uniform background behind my notebook, having to hold the (paper) notebook with a hand and taking the picture with the other one ...

... Page Camera often doesn't recognize my page edges.


I've find found out a solution that (almost) always works: I've traced a vertical line with a yellow highlighter between all the pages of my notebook: it's simple, fast and it simply works.


Page pictures


Cheers.  G


Ps: red and blue highlighters don't work, in my case

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I don't understand what you mean when you say you trace a vertical line between pages.

Can you post a photo?

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Edited original note with a link to pictures.


AND (just discovered) it even works if you draw a further horizontal line (always with yellow highlighter) just below the text: it's recognized as a edge and so you can hold your paper with your fingers.  :)


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Well that is very interesting! Thanks for including the photo. 

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