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Weird problem with toggling checkboxes



I love Evernote and I love using TSW with it. I do have a minor yet annoying problem with my use of checkboxes.


I have a note for every day of the week, and I keep them in the Shortcuts bar. Each note has a list of tasks with checkboxes, some of which are actions including note links, links to my calendar, my email, etc. I check off each task as I complete it. At the end of the day, say, Thursday, I uncheck (delete) the checkboxes, easily accomplished by Selecting All, then hitting the checkbox icon (or SHIFT + COMMAND + T). I then want to reinstate the checkboxes, unchecked of course, so I can use the same note for the following Thursday. So I hit the checkbox icon again, and empty checkboxes do appear, which is good--except that there is no longer one checkbox per line, but the lines are interspersed with random lines that contain single checkboxes. It is annoying to have to go back and delete the unneeded checkboxes.


Here is what THURSDAY looks like at the end of the day: [for some reason, correct image does not appear]


Here is what it looks like (on the Mac, not online) after deleting the checkboxes, which is fine: [for some reason, correct image does not appear]


But here is what it looks like when I reinstate the checkboxes on the Mac using the icon or shortcut: [for some reason, correct image does not appear]


[Well, obviously, I don't know how to post an image on this forum. Is there somewhere I can go that will tell me how to do it?]


I wonder what the problem is?

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Hi swimmerjan.  I think you could avoid your problems my unchecking the checkboxes one at a time with your mouse.


When you do the Select All procedure to delete and replace the checkboxes, EN thinks you want to place a checkbox at each Line break and Tab break.  Since you only have a few checkboxes, it may be best to uncheck them one at a time.


I hope this helps.

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