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evernote touch windows 8 pc passcode function please


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i am a premium member and love Evernote and penultimate on my mac,ipad and iPhone. However, once Evernote Touch has been installed on a windows 8 dashboard on a PC,  there is no way to sign out or pass-code protect the info. Deleting Evernote Touch is the only shield. The PC is a work device and I.T has remote access at times as do others.  Evernote has both business and personal info that i do not want staff to have access to. Evernote was going to be my business method of sharing and organizing work life as well but unfortunately i will be deleting Evernote Touch until it has a sign out feature or pass-code feature as the OS and ios have, and looking towards the competition. 

- imploring that Evernote Touch developers address the importance of a pass-code or sign out feature for its windows 8 users. 


sincerely and hopeful 


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