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Import Folder has bug: wrong drive


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I have just "discovered" Evernote's ability to Import from Folder. And immediately I have also found a bug:


On my pc, I have created a number of Subst drives (dos command subst, to create a logical drive that points to a certain path):


p: points to C:\Work\clientP\Daily

b: points to C:\Work\clientB\Daily


When I created the folder on my drive, I did this on my P: drive, called P:\ENImport. And I created the linked folder in EN.


This did not work, so I assumed it was because of the subst. So I created a linked folder which pointed directly to the C:\ drive. Alas, this also did not work. And then I noticed that when I opened the configuration window for the linked folder, that the path there was B:\Work\clientP\Daily\ENImport. And Indeed, I also have a Subst for B:\ (which points to a completely different path). When I created the ENImport folder there, it works.


So to recap:


P:\ENImport does not work

C:\Work\clientP\Daily\ENImport does not work

C:\Work\clientB\Daily\ENImport does not work

B:\ENImport works


So it seems that Evernote assumes the lowest drive letter it can find, instead of keeping the path as provided by the user.


For now my workaround ... works, but a fix would be nice.





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Hmmn.  Said this before:  There's bugs and there's "features" and this seems to be a feature.  The Import Folder options don't apparently allow for user-defined paths,  so expect a direct-drive link rather than a virtual one.  I don't think that would be an issue for 99-point-something % of the 1M current users with pretty basic hardware setups,  and it's probably doing exactly what the programmer intended,  no-one having mentioned the need to include logical drives at the time.  Devs do read these posts,  so consider your request made (you can reinforce it with feedback via the support link below) but it's going to need a little while for any update to filter through...

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I see no basis to declare the failure to use logical drives correctly as a "feature".  Logical drives are a very long-standing feature of Windows, and I see no reason they should not be honored.


This may not be a formal bug, in the sense that the code is NOT following the design, but it is at least a design flaw or oversight, IMO.

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Since the OP is AFAIK the first person in 1M users to complain of it,  I think it's an allowable oversight.  I just don't like tagging every situation BUG!! when the app simply doesn't do exactly what a user expects.


- And this is how public software gets developed - you put it out there and someone says 'please make it do this' and (if you can and want to do it) you add a feature;  then someone else comes along...

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Since the OP is AFAIK the first person in 1M users to complain of it. . .


Sorry Gaz, I don't see how you know this, unless you have access to Evernote's internal Bug database.


IAC, I suggested that it is more of a design flaw/oversight than a true bug.

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I disagree with the "feature request", as put forward by Gazumped:


He wrote "The Import Folder options don't apparently allow for user-defined paths", but it seems it does, but just does not handle it correctly: When you allow a user to select any drive, you can't call it a feature request to have the selected drive actually be used, even if it is a virtual one. Either way, whether you allow the selection of any drive or just the physical drives, you can't just change the drive letter to the lowest drive letter you can find on a system. Before you know it, the import folder is on a 3,5 floppy :)

As it is now, I can't even put my import folder on the physical drive path, just because I have a logical drive with a "lower" letter...


As a software developer myself, I'm familiar with the word Bug :) 

I think there's a distinction between a bug, an issue and a failure, but that would lead me too far from the current topic.


As I wrote, I have a workaround, and just wanted to point to something that could be improved, and that doesn't seem like a big development effort. An "Ironing out the last creases" thing...

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