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date format used in .exb files

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I'm using various SQL database viewers to have a look at an .exb file and the date format is causing me some confusion.


I'm seeing



As the created date.


Can anyone shed some light on the format used?


Is this a case of SQL tools not quite understanding what they are looking at and just trying to interpret it?



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I probably should have given a few more details but I was running out the door from work when I posted.


SebR, I'm not sure if that was a tongue in cheek post or not, but I'm fairly sure that Windows 7 didn't exist in 1970 :P


In any case it was created at some point in the last 12 months and that's as accurate as I can be at this point. I had considered Unix time but the format doesn't fit.

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It's star date, I believe...


...actually, as far as I know, the date's no publicly documented; it doesn't seem to match up with the documented date formats in the Evernote format.

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Seb as a dedicated trekkie I'm both sad and ashamed to admit I actually googled 'star date' :ph34r:


I'm clearly too tired to be trying to tackle this issue right now..


I will check the db creation time when I return to work tomorrow.


It's also been suggested to me by a SQL guru that the 734508 is an integer counting the number of days since 1/1/0000 and the 1448 is a fractional representing the time.


This seems to fit as 734508 days is 2011.2 years, and I'm told 1448 converts to 1448 = 86400 *.1448 = 3:28:30, however I'm lost when it comes to this type of math so I'm sort of waiting for that learned person to have the time to explain further.


Further searching has led me to believe 734508.1448 is a serial date/time format, it's just trying to convert it that is causing me some grief.

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