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Evernote not showing in Ribbon in Outlook 2010


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Good afternoon!

I have one user that is using Outlook 2010 and Evernote5.  When he opens outlook, there is no ribbon button, it isnt in the com addins or disabled items. The .dll is in the correct folders. We are using Win 7 SP 1 and Outlook 14.0.7116.5000 (32 bit).  Any Ideas or places to look would be appreciated.!

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The Outlook button seems a shy beast - it comes and goes.  You may find that you can still use a right-click to save an email or a selection to Evernote.  I suggest you raise a support ticket (see below) but in the meantime try closing Outlook (make sure there's no icon in the system tray) and uninstall / clean reinstall Evernote.  Search around here for detailed instructions on how to do that if you need them.

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