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Automatic creation of conflicts when adding Microsoft files to notes


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I've noticed a consistent bug which seems to be popping up when I attempt to drag Microsoft Office files into a note.


I'm using Evernote Windows (271698) Public.


Here's the steps:

1) Open a note.

2) Position cursor where I want the file to drop.

3) Drag the file from Microsoft Outlook or Windows Explorer

4) Note "refreshes"  and a weird icon appears where the document should reside (see attached screenshot)

5) A conflicted copy of the note is created where the file is correctly displayed (see file icon above glitched one in screenshot).


This is not occurring on the Mac version of Evernote.


Not sure if this is a known bug, or if someone has figured out a way to fix this.


Thanks for the help.




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Not exactly helpful I know,  but I'm not seeing this.  I suggest you raise a support ticket (see below) and try removing and reinstalling Evernote.  There's more information about that operation and what to do with local notebooks and unsynced notes in the forums if you search.

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Sadly an uninstall did not help the issue.  I'll open a support ticket as you suggest, thank you anyhow.  

Good luck. Let us know what their answer is. 


Since I upgraded to same version (Evernote Windows Public) I am seeing the same sort of conflicts arise when I try to merge two notes that contain Evernote Annotated photos.


I have several other Support Tickets still being worked on right now.


Frankly, I don't have the energy to open another new ticket and go through the uninstall/reinstall/download dance once again.

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