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Send Email as .msg Attachment to Evernote?

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Does anyone know of an easy way to get emails from your email Inbox into Evernote as a .msg attachment (i.e. instead of as a note, or as both a note and an attachment)?


The reason I ask is:

1) It would be nice to just click and open the .msg to reply instead of having to go back to your inbox and searching for the message

2) Often formatting gets messed up when an email is forwarded/imported into Evernote as a note.


I'm using a PC and Outlook.



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I had always read that the only way to do that was to drag the message to the desktop and then to drag it into Evernote.  Too clumsy, particularly since I always run full screen on both monitors and I hide all icons anyway.


So, I just tried a different approach.  I dragged the email into one of my Evernote import folders and... voila!  Works like a charm.  A new note is in my Evernote Inbox notebook (my default).  The note title is the subject message of the email and the .msg attachment is in there. I can now gather thoughts on my reply directly in the note and, when I'm ready, open the .msg attachment and reply!


Thank you for asking the question - my entire email workflow has just changed!



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Here is another easy way to save an outlook email directly to evernote as an attachment:


right click on the outlook email --> drag to Outlook "Tasks" and release --> Select Copy or Move here as task with attachment --> type Ctrl S to save the note (important) --> then click "Save to Evernote"


The task will pop up in Evernote as an email attachment and you can immediately just delete the Outlook Task

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