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Possibility of True Evernote Clipper for iOS Safari with iOS 8



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Possibility of True Evernote Clipper for iOS Safari with iOS 8


Apple announced today at the annual WWDC, that iOS 8 would provide "Extensions", which are services build by one app that can be used by another app.


So, for example,  the Evernote iOS app could create/provide a web clipper Extension that can be used by Safari (or any other browser).


Evernote Team:  Will you consider developing such an iOS 8 Extension?

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I have a feeling iOS 8 is going to allow for some really great things for Evernote users.


In addition to true web clipping capability in Safari, there could be the possibility of a widget in the notification center.  I am imagining something like the quick launch buttons in iOS 7 accessible from anywhere with a swipe down on the screen.



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Speaking of the quick launch buttons, couldn't we just put photos available in the camera button and use that button space for audio notes. Having that added and all of those in the notification center would be ideal

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I'm truly excited to see how Evernote takes advantage of iOS developer features too. Web clipper would be a big one for sure. @therealchadhall, you make an interesting suggestion too with notification centre. I hadn't thought of that, but I can see that being very handy. 

We'll see what gets launched in the fall (UGH, so long!)

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We're seeing some users mentioning that they can't seem to find Evernote in the list of sharing options on their device. Here's the process to make that happen.


To add Evernote to the list of sharing options on your device, first tap the iOS sharing button, then follow these steps:
  1. Tap the iOS sharing button, then tap More to edit your sharing options.
  2. Tap the Evernote switch to add Evernote as a sharing extension. Note: Tapping Cancel closes the share options panel.
  3. Evernote appears in the list of apps your device can share to; Tap and drag Evernote if you'd like to move it to the front of the list.

If you don't see Evernote as one of your sharing options, swipe to scroll through the apps until you see Evernote. You can tap and drag the Evernote app to the left so you don’t need to scroll to the end of the list. If you don’t see Evernote, make sure you’ve already added Evernote as a sharing extension.

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iOS 8 has been good so far on my aged iPhone 4s. Performance is equivalent to iOS 7. The new features are immensely useful. Extensions in particular are a marvellous addition to the OS. I look forward to seeing how more developers take advantage of this. 

Third-party keyboard are interesting... not entirely sold on the need yet, but i've been playing around and they are good.... just not sure if they are necessary (for me, at least). 


I also suspect users with iPhone 5/5s/6/6+ are enjoying the numerous additional features that didn't make it to the 4s (e.g., Handoff and touchID related stuff, touchID being a really big deal, I think). 

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