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Create new notebook directly into stack

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Sorry, but Evernote is designed to create the Notebooks at the root.  However, you have a couple different ways to quickly move a new Notebook into a Stack.  Do you know how to do that already?

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Yes I right click on the notebook and move it to the stacks from web or from android smartphone I click at the right of the notebooks to show the menu and pick move to stack or new stack.


Thanks anyway. I am filling my evernote and finally will be a paperless man haha :-)

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Very Good!

This option doesn't seem to be available in Evernote for the web beta version.  When I right click the notebook, it just acts like any other web page (i.e. options include 'back', 'share', etc.).  I was able to move the notebook easily in the android app, so no biggie, but just wondering if I'm doing something wrong on the web - or if the beta version doesn't offer this yet.  Thanks!

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