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Suggested improvements to Evernote

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Newby to the forum, so I don't know to what extent these have been addressed.  But a few suggestions for the next version of Evernote:


1)  Password for the desktop.  Obvious need and clearly there is customer demand for it.


2)  The left panel needs a more easily defined and easily seen up and down control bar.  On my notebooks, it is hard to see and it takes a bit of time to put the cursor on it and then control it.  We need it, so don't semi-hide it.


3)  Need the ability to create more sub-notebooks within already stacked notebooks.  For instance, I should be able to create the hierarchy billboards>digital>location.  As near as I can tell, currently I can only do billboards>digital.  If I'm mistaken, please advise.  But if I'm not, the ability to create another level of subnotebooks would be appreciated.


That's it.  Love the program and I'm currently strongly encouraging my friends and business partners to use it.  Which brings up a point that I simply don't know.  Is there any way to make specific notebooks available to others without allowing access to all of my notebooks?  I am a premium user, but don't have Evernote Business.


Thanks for any help or thoughts.



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1 - has been discussed a lot. Evernote's attitude seems to be that you should use the native tools to lock your computer. This will protect Evernote and everything else.

2 - assuming this is Windows?

3 - this has been discussed ad nauseum. Evernote seem to have made a design decision with regard to hierarchies and there are no indications that this us likely to change in the short to medium term (if ever).

4 - you can share individual notebooks, take a look at your sharing options. Free users can share one notebook with modify permissions.

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Thank you for your response.


1) Yes, I see that Evernote opinion in other threads.  However, as a layman in the area, it doesn't seem like putting in a password for the desktop is a significant  difficulty.  I suppose it could interfere with the synchronization??  Just seems like a desktop password should be an easy thing to do, but maybe I'm naive.


2)  Yes, it is Windows and the left panel up and down control bar is almost invisible.  It's so important that it should be easily visible and controlled, unlike now.


3)  Interesting.  Would like at least one more level.


4)  I'll try to figure it out.  Thanks.

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2) I agree about the almost-invisible scrollbar in the Windows client.  Unfortunately this is not so much Evernote's "fault" - what you're seeing is the new Microsoft standard Windows user interface, and Evernote just chose to follow the new standard when they redesigned their v5 Windows client app.  As a developer, I really dislike the new standard and am not implementing it in any of my products.  However, since Evernote has chosen to follow the new standard, it's unlikely you'll see an improvement in their Windows interface.


3) For more ability to organize your data hierarchically, you might want to check out our TuskTools Treeliner solution.  (And I promise you'll be able to easily see its scrollbars!)

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Yep - I will buck Big Brother (aka Microsoft) when their decisions are bad from a user-experience standpoint, which IMO is the case for their "Metro" UI!  I'll wait for Windows 9, in which I predict they'll realize they went too far and will backtrack on some of the more radical UI changes...

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