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my Evernote will not sync

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I have been using evernote for a while now and suddenly it stopped syncing from my windows 7 laptop to my Android phone. However, notes in my android still sync to my windwos laptopt. But I do not know why it does not sync from my laptop to my phone.

Please help, I really love Evernote


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Technically, Evernote syncs from the Windows 7 Laptop to the Evernote Servers, Not to your Android phone.  In order for the edits to show on your Android, you must Sync the phone to the Evernote Servers.


Conversely, Evernote syncs from the Android phone to the Evernote Servers.  In order for the edits to show on your Windows 7, you must Sync.


With this in mind, you have to troubleshoot as to which client is actually malfunctioning.  Comparing the Evernote Server notes to your devices may help in the troubleshooting, as you will find out which device reflects the same data as the Evernote Servers.


Good luck.

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Go to Evernote.com

Click on the link "Sign In", upper right hand corner of the screen.

Sign in with your username and password

All of your Notebooks and Notes will appear


Look at the notes on your laptop and Android phone to compare their notes with the notes on the web.  Whichever device has different notes from the Web server is the device that has the sync problems.  If you confirm the Android has the sync issue, then there are several steps you need to take to remedy that issue.

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Thank you very much. I have already figured out though.
The problem turned out to be from my windows laptop and I send a ticket issue to Evernote. Untill I get a reply, I will be upadting me notes through evernote web client

Thanks everyone

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