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Windows XP upgrade to Win 7 & unable to locate old .exb database


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I have just upgraded my desktop from XP to Win 7 (not a fresh install) and after installing Evernote, I'd have thought it would link to old database saved while on XP. However its just downloading all the database once again. Just wondering whether i have lost the old .exb database? and hence need a fresh database download.



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Search for .EXB files on your hard drive to check whether you have an old one with lots of content.  If all you can find is the new database,  then somehow the old one got deleted during the upgrade and yes,  you did need to download a new copy.  If you do find an old database I'd still let the new download complete - unless you had purely local (unsynced) notebooks in any database,  in which case you're going to have to recreate the old database,  export those notes,  and import them again into your new database.


If you didn't have any local notebooks and the new database is pretty much complete I'd just relax and enjoy the new OS for a while...

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