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Tag view unasked for unwanted nesting



osx EN 5.3


In Tag View, I have a tag named Fiji and it is attached to just one note, unsurprisingly that note is about the nation of Fiji.  The Fiji tag indicates that it is the parent tag of a tag named History Mexico, which is attached to my notes regarding the history of Mexico.  I did nothing to make this nesting happen.  The notes in question were created at different times, the tags were created and affixed at different times and I did nothing to make the Fiji tag the parent of any tag; likewise, I did nothing to make the History Mexico tag the child tag of any tag. The Fiji tagged note does not contain the word Mexico, nor do the Mexico notes contain the word Fiji. All of the notes involved contain no other tags than those mentioned above. The tag History Mexico is not displayed where it should be, namely between my tag named History Italy and my tag named History Mid East. The only place where the tag History Mexico is displayed in Note View is as the child of the parent tag Fiji.


How did this happen? How can I prevent it from happening again? How do I unnest these tags? Regrettably, there are many - far too many - of this unwanted nesting shown in my Tag View.



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Tags are amazingly easy to 'catch' with a mouse and slide over one another,  occasionally making an inadvertent stack of unconnected tags.  This may be what happened here.  There's no connection between (the tags) Fiji and Mexico - they just happen to be stacked one on top of the other.  You won't get any confusion of hits from a search because one is the child of another.


How to fix it?  Drag the unwanted child tag onto the Tags heading or right-click and choose "remove from stack".


How to avoid in future? Keep a close eye on the tags when you're selecting them - make sure you release one tag before clicking on another to avoid inadvertent stacking.

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