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Functionality for checkboxes

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As a former user of Springpad I'm wondering if it's possible to do this in Evernote:


In Springpad I had a master list of grocery items with all items checked.  When I wanted to create a shopping list I would uncheck the items I needed. There was a option to display only the unchecked items. That was my shopping list. While shopping I would check the items as I added them to my cart and they would disappear from the unchecked item view leaving only those items that I still needed to pick up. The checked items wouldn't be removed from my master list, only from the unchecked items view so my master list remained unchanged. 

Is there a way to create similar functionality in Evernote?

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The only way I can think of would be to use a note as a template.  Save your full list in a note with a tag,  title or notebook that shows it is a template.  When you come to make a list,  copy that note and delete the unwanted items.  Then save the note under a different title as the current list.

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ghostofunder, if you use todo:false in a search, EN will find those Notes that have an unchecked box. todo:true finds those Notes with a box that is checked off.


You will want to experiment with whether "all items in one Note" or "one item per Note" works best for you.

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