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Handwriting cut and paste



Is there any way to cut handwriting or a hand drawn diagram from one page and copy it to another handwriting page.

Also is there any way to change the size of a handwriting page to allow me to move stuff down and insert an extra paragraph.

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Oh well, we live in hope. At the moment I'm using a product called Write which shares its pages with Evernote as html file attachments. If I click on the attachment I can open the file in Write again to edit it. This is great but the contents of the html file don't show in browse mode in Evernote. If there was some way of making the content of the files visible in browse mode that would be perfect for me. Write has brilliant handwriting features including reflow of handwritten text. I wish Evernote would just buy them :)

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Not showing the HTML is kind've odd,  since EN does display web pages inline.  Can you look at your Write output in a browser?  Try using the Evernote clipper to get the content from your browser rather than from a file?  It's worth sharing the request/ suggestion with Support via the link below - they might be able to suggest an alternative,  or at least take it on board for future development...

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EN display html it parse within its own process but it is not a web browser.

Here the html embed a SVG file (you can change the extension to .svg, it will also launch a web browser)... but it doesn't solve the problem and I don't see how to have an up to date displayed attachement (img or pdf) which will  launch Write.

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