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(Archived) Can I create a search to do this?

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I am trying to create a WorkList saved search to do the following:

Include all items tagged with "Support" but not also tagged with "Closed"


Include all items tagged with "ToDo" (these do not have any other tags typically)

I have tried various combinations with tag:, -tag: and any:, but cannot get it to work.



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This will find all of the notes that are tagged with "Support" but not "Closed":

tag:Support -tag:Closed

There's no way to say "find notes that are either (tagged with Support AND not tagged with Closed) OR (tagged with ToDo)" ... the search clauses are either all expressed as an intersection (AND) or a union (OR). There's no way to make an arbitrary mix of AND and OR within a single search, although you could make two separate searches for these two separate concepts and click on them separately.

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