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(Archived) Issue with web interface and pdf attachments


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Woohoo! Ok so firstly, thank you for the Android beta!

Now, a bug report:

This doesn't actually relate to the new android client, but became apparent through use of it. It seems that the web interface is getting stuck if I try to open a pdf attached to a note. It shows up in the note as a button, I click on it and then I just get a blank page. There's no way to long press and save the attachment to the device or anything like that, and this is slightly frustrating as 90% of my notes are pdfs (which have come straight from my ScanSnap on EN's recommendation).

A fix would be greatly appreciated!

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Do you have a PDF viewer program on your phone? If so, which are you using. I have been wondering about getting a PDF program for android and haven't tried any yet as most are paid apps.


Canyon R

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On your device, if you browse to a web page with a PDF and try to open it, does that work? For example, if you search google with "filetype:pdf" and anything after it, the results are all pointers to PDF documents. E.g.:


If your phone can't open a PDF from a web browser, then this won't work from Evernote, either. If you can figure out how to configure your phone to open PDF documents from web pages, then it should start working automatically from EN.

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Again thank you for getting this beta out to us.

I tested the link in your last post and am using the same pdf viewer mentioned above. The pdf downloaded and opened perfectly. I am still unable to download any pdfs in the same manner from the evernote mobile site.

Love the android client so far!!

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