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Reminders appear without me asking


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Does anyone else have the problem with reminders adding themselves to notes? I spent along time deleting them all and they have come back! I've got EN on Window7, Windows8, iPad and android. Any ideas?

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I've never seen this happen before.... do you have any third-party connection to your Evernote account? 


Is there a certain set of notes you see this happening on? in other words, if you didn't intervene, would it keep creating new reminders on existing notes? 


Or does this only occur on a certain set of existing notes?

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I don't get duplicate reminders, but 20 have popped up dating back to June 2013, and 5 undated notes. . . . . . On investigation it seems to be when I change them. I think they have all had a new tag added, the older ones have, to archive them. So it looks like that is reason but not sure why?


As for third-party connection: Evernote Food for Android, Evernote Hello for Android, Evernote for Android, Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome, Skitch for Android & iPad, CamScannerEverForm, EverWebClipper, MergeEver, MoveEver, Stringnote, TagEver, WriteNote Pro,

WritePad, ifttt.com, Tusk Calender. Ooops didn't know I had that many.
It does keep creating new reminders. 
Any ideas gratefully received.
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Is there anything in IFTTT or Tusk Calendar that might be set up to create reminders that has run amok?


So, if I understand correctly, you had a bunch of notes that did NOT have a reminder assigned. You added a tag to these notes, and after adding that tag, a reminder was created for those notes?

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