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(Archived) Support for other times zones!

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Hi, I have now been struggling with a Sync problem for 5 days. Ever since I made some major changes to the structure and content of my database, I have been unable to Sync. Initially with my iPhone, Windows and Mac clients. I uninstalled/reinstalled on my iPhone and Windows client and the problem was resolved with a complete rebuild. I have been working with the Evernote support team (I am a premium member) attempting to resolve the Mac client problem so I did not need a rebuild.

This was my last update from your support team about 11 hours ago.

"We asked for another synclog to verify a problem, not as a failure to read the last one. Sorry that wasn't clearer. We are not officially open on Saturday or Sunday, sometimes the techs just try to help anyways. Thanks for the info. I want to check with another engineer to get you the best answer we have. I will be back to you later today."

They did not come back with any update. If anyone wants to follow-up my case number is 54028.

I am now very concerned about the integrity and reliability of my data, in any further problems occur.

So after 5 days I give up and will spend the next several hours uninstalling/reinstalling and rebuilding my data, over 2000 notes.

One of the problems is that I live in Hong Kong and with about a 12-16 hours time difference, depending on the location of your support team it takes one day for them to ask a question and for me to respond.

If you plan on supporting your international customers do you plan to extend the hours of your support group?

If not then I will need to revisit my use of evernote.

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BurgersnFries - backing up - that's a great tip and it can't be stressed often enough.

I use Carbonite.com to back everything up to an offsite location on a 24/7 basis.

I also manually copy the Evernote database file on a regular basis to a back up folder just in case my cable modem shuts down.

On my Windows computer, the .exb file is located in:

>Documents and Settings

>User Name

>Local Settings

>Application Data




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Greg -

I checked the case, and it looks like there have been some new suggestions sent to you.

Currently, Evernote doesn't have a pricing option that would permit 24/7 support for accounts. We may consider adding an "enterprise support" pricing tier in the future, but our current $45/year Premium service is next-business-day responses from our North American offices.


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Thanks to jbenson2 & burgernFries, I do backup regularly using Time Machine. The problem was that I was unable to sync any of my platforms, and since I couldn't sync I didn't want to add any more Notes, so I was in limbo for a few days. I have now uninstalled and reinstalled on my Mac, iPhone and Windows systems and several hours later all is okay.

Engberg, The trouble is 24/7 to you is 9 to 5 for me and if you do plan on expanding globally then you may need to look at providing 9 to 5 support, Mon-Fri that covers times zones outside the US.

I did receive more suggestions to which I have replied. Eventually I rebuilt my 3 platforms from scratch, which is what I should have done when the problem first occurred.



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