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Issue displaying notes after pinching to expand

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Seems on the Android version of the app, if I pinch to expand and then contract the note, the text displays oddly, about 5 characters on each line, then does a line feed .. displays a few more characters, etc.  Making the note very tall and lengthy  :-)


Sometimes it can be fixed by rotating to get the screen to redraw.



Example ... expanding the text "this is a very nice note in evernote"





is a ve

ry nice

note i

n ever



or something similar to that ...

looks like a margin issue?

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Can't comment on the screen refresh situation - I'd suggest a support request if it's a problem.  Work-around is either 1) don't pinch or 2) don't worry about it - if you look at another note and come back to this one the layout should be back to normal.  The device may not be up to redrawing the screen until it's forced to by rotation or further browsing.

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