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Copy + Paste a Note to Google Docs = Lost Links?



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I've noticed the same behavior when pasting into other places, like RIGHT HERE, in the Evernote Forums!

When I copy hypertext from my EN Mac Note, and paste here, the link is lost.


My guess is that Evernote is NOT putting the proper data on the Clipboard when it is copied.

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This makes me very sad that A) I ran into this issue today and that B) the top hit on Google is another user reporting this exact same problem 5 months ago, with no new activity on the topic since then.


It was an utter shock to me to find out that a bunch of links I just gathered and gave nice names to and then hyperlinked with Ctrl+K now appear to be *stuck* in Evernote. I can't get them out without clicking on each one individually and hyperlinking them again in another tool (such as email). Until this is fixed, it's now a lesson learned that Evernote is not the tool for me to keep track of links with. That seems in direct conflict with Evernote's mission in life to be the go-to place for me to store all of my notes.


Please fix this!

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I'm on 5.5.1 release, not a Beta. Guess I need to go find out how to join the Beta! Good news at least that it's fixed already and coming to all Evernote users when the beta is released.


I did find a workaround that doesn't require the Beta: I used the Web version of Evernote. I figured since it was in a browser, it would have the actual hyperlinks and the browser would preserve the links when I cut&paste, and sure enough, it did.

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