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Notebook Stack: Longer Titles Truncated

Steve Horn


There is a limit to the number of visible characters (about 25) for labelling Notebook Stacks. However, for Notes and for Notebooks, the titles will go to a second line when longer titles are used. Why did Evernote decide to limit the Notebook Stacks' display?


Since these are listed alpha-numerically, organizing them can require more characters and if you have a handful that share similar starting strings, you can't tell one from the other.


This seems like a bad decision to me and makes organizing difficult.


See screenshots in this note:



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Could have just been an oversight, maybe it was a conscious choice. Either way, posting here is good. Staff read these boards even if they don't post. You might also consider submitting a support ticket to make darn sure they know, and that way you'll get an acknowledgement from staff, which you won't likely get here. 

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I did just that and each source of support sends me somewhere else and the last sent me here.... it's a "design related" issue so therefore it's classified as a feature request. Makes not sense to me so if someone is watching, they might reply to enlighten me or maybe reconsider the design.

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It's not a bug report. It is a feature request (in my opinion). As far as I know, it is part of the design, though one I hope to have changed. I've also reported this in my recent feedback thread for the app.



One of the developers has joined the thread and indicated that he has read the feedback, so it is clear that it is reaching the eyes and ears of the folks in charge of development. Will it get changed? I don't know. They have to deal with a lot of other design imperatives that we don't see as users, so it may not end up changed, but at least you can be sure that your opinion is getting heard.

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GM, I see mention of Notebooks in a particular view but I don't see a mention of Notebook stacks which are truncated in all views. Also, there is no way to drag them wider to see what is there. Basically, when the names are longer, there's no way to see what they are. Terrible design decision.



I bring this up so that the developer who's watching will understand my particular request.


Also, GM, it looks like you dive deeply into Evernote and have a number of suggestions for improvements. I guess that your work is part of what makes Evernote as good as it is.

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