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Emailing to correct Evernote notebook

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Does anyone have a definitive answer to how to email to a particular notebook.  the details given by evernote seem not to work and dare I say complicated in terms of spaces, grammar, and punctuation

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Here's the official how-to via the Knowledge Base. One thing that's truly important is the order in which you place the items in the note title. They have to be in the exact right order:


Email Subject: [Title of note] ![optional date for Reminder] @[folder] #[tag]

Between that and making sure spelling, capitalization, etc. are spot on, it should start working for you. I've never had an issue, and some of my Shared Notebooks have very complicated, alphanumeric and symbol'd to death titles.
If it still won't work, what version of EN are you using? Is it in English or another language?

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Having tried a number of different iterations of the evernote instructions,, it seems that you have have to leave a space before and after the @ symbol in order to get the note directed to the correct notebook, not something that is made clear in the evernote instructions, does anyone else have this problem?

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Bizarrely, I have now tried both leaving spaces either side of the @ and not and they both work, Evernote Customer Support were as flumoxed as I was.

Anyway so long as I leave spaces either side, or none at all then everything works fine!

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