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Evernote Desktop App Doesn't Search Tags


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I tried this out, and it appears to work, if I understand your scenario correctly. It might help if you were more specific about what you tried. Here are the rules:


* Standard text search will match against note text, titles and tags. In the Windows application (and others, I believe) the search will be performed as if it has a '*' at the end of the search term; that is, it will do a prefix match against note text, titles and tags.


* If you do a tag search (e.g., tag:sometext) it will match against tags only, but as above, using a prefix match


* If you do a title search (e.g., intitle:sometext) it will match against note titles only, but as above, using a prefix match


In the default case, a search using a single term requires only a single match in one of the search contexts for a note (i.e., note text+tags+titles, just tags, or just titles) in order to succeed, so for a normal text search, a match against a note's tag, but no match in the title or note text (your case, as I understand it) still means that the search succeeded for that note.


So your case should work.

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Thanks, Jeff and BurgersNFries. I think I have a bug.

What I am doing is a standard text search for the words "Performance Narrative" (tried with and without quotes)

What I am getting is all notes that have the words Performance and Narrative in the title or body.

What I am not getting, and believe I should be, are notes that are tagged with "Performance Narrative" but don't have those words in the title or body of the note.

When I search using my web browser, it behaves as I would expect - the tagged notes are showing up.

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Just tried that in Windows and found my "performance narrative" tag easily in Win 8 Desktop with that phrase in quotes.  If you;re using the same client I suggest you uninstall / reinstall (but check around here for the detailed instructions if you've not done that before).

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Actually, I do see a problem with normal search with respect to tag matching. I see matches that I don't expect. I'm trying to characterize it, but I haven't quite wrapped my head around the whole thing, and I'm also busy at the moment so it might take a bit.

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Normal searches remove all punctuation (and non alphanumeric character except _ I guess) from terms searched and consider them as space.

So if you search a tag like parent.child with a normal search, it'll actually search for parent and child.

Open the search info panel, you'll see the actual search while entering it.

You can also look in the KB, in the advanced searches page.

However I made tests some weeks ago and I saw strange behaviours after renaming tags again and again... But I am really not sure, I lacked rigor.

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