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What are 'My Notebooks' and 'Personal Notebooks'?


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I've recently started using evernote free on my Windows PC and Android. As of now i don't have many notes. I have a basic structure in mind that i want to implement using tags, notebooks, note links and notebook stacks as i already have a lot of data (digital and paper) with me. But before that i want to know what's the difference between 'My Notebooks' and 'Personal Notebooks' so that i can put it in the right category.

When i view my evernote windows client, and click the 'Notebooks' tab in the left panel, i can see a drop down menu in the right/centre area, which has these 3 options. 'All Notebooks', My Notebooks', 'Personal Notebooks'. Since i only have some test notes, random notes, and a few test notebooks with me, i really dunno what these mean, cuz it shows all my notebooks each time i select any of these 3 types. I'd like a little help as to what these are, how they are different, and how can i create notebooks of each type.


P.S.- m guessing my notebooks are the ones which are not shared with anyone, and personal will come into play if i have EN biz. but still if i share any of my 'all notebooks' will it be seen under my/personal/both...  what? can someone please explain each of these categories separately and that how do they work together?



BTW, i just noticed that same is the case with tags! Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You're right - "All Notebooks" obviously means exactly what it says on the can.  "My Notebooks" - which is the same as 'all' if you don't have any inbound shares - are the ones you have originated as against any you may be subscribed to from other users,  and "Personal" - again the same as 'all' if you're not a business user - are again the ones you have originated as against any shared to you by the global business account.  Same deal with tags.  Stick with 'all' unless you start sharing big-time!

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