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How to sync all scanned business cards into contacts

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I have been scanning business cards into a notebook called business cards. I just learned I could push a button and have those also going to my contacts. Is there a way to get these old scanned business cards into my contacts?

Even a Manual suggestion would be workable for me as I only have a couple hundred.



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I don't think its possible to revisit previously scanned cards,  but you could try using a phone to recapture information from your desktop monitor as though for a new contact,  then delete the original notebook...

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If these are the specially formatted contact cards that look like this:


Then you should, with a click, be able to send them to your Contacts application. 

The screenshot above shows you to do it for a single contact card. 


For multiple cards, select the desired cards, and in the menu bar select Note>share>send to contacts

and it will send all the selected cards to your contacts application. 


If you do NOT have these specially formatted contact cards (they are a relatively new thing as of this past winter), then they cannot be sent to your Contacts application. 

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