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Clearly ext text display options (eg "theme" preferences) not available in EN Desktop?



I'm addicted to the adjustable display options that comes with the clearly extension (for chrome). I use it all the time to relax my eyes, make highlights, and save pages to EN desktop. But (tell me if this is right because it seems weird to me) when I open a clipped webpage from within EN desktop, I have more annotation options (which are less crucial to me) but no text display options (like the adjustable "themes" in Clearly).


Is that correct? It seems like I should have access to all the Clearly functions when I'm reading a clipped page within EN desktop, right? Am I just not seeing how to do it?

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Hi - Clearly operates within a browser to simplify and improve the appearance of cluttered web page HTML.  If you save or clip to Evernote from Clearly,  the note will be similarly streamlined. Clearly though doesn't work in the Evernote app window.  You could look at your notes in the web client and apply Clearly- but it will then take a long while to digest the complicated layout of the notes page and show you a lot of incorrect detail.


You can adjust the layout of your notes by selecting a standard font and removing other formatting,  but whether the return on that additional work is worth it is up to you...

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