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Editting 'read only' notes in shared notebook?

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Preparing shared project Notebooks on Windows.

I take it you (we) can't get write access on read-only notes notebooks....(will make this project virtually impossible...on Evernote anyway)


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There are two types of shared notebooks (aside from 'public' notebooks). 

1) Notebooks that can be edited by ALL users that have access to them 

2) Notebooks that can ONLY be edited by the owner. 


If the notebook is configured to allow invitees to edit, then they can edit contents. 


If the notebook is configured to only the owner can edit, then nobody but the owner can edit it. 


I'm not sure specifically what you are referring to when you say "read-only" notebooks, are you referring to type 2 noted above? If so, then of course, by definition they cannot be edited. 

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Some third party apps (or I think even I've seen this in Skitch) create read only notes.  If a note is read only, then by definition, that note cannot be modified under any circumstances that I'm aware of.  IIRC, I've copied the read only note & deleted the original.

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