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TuskTools support for Evernote Reminders, and recurring Reminders


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The latest version of TuskTools Calendar, released today, adds support for Evernote Reminders, including recurring reminders.


Reminders support

In TuskTools Calendar, normally you define an "appointment" - that is, a note which will appear on your TuskTools Calendar (and your Google Calendar if you're synching that) - by writing a date string within the note, like ##7/10/14 from 8:30 to 9:30 am##.


Now, if you place a + sign at the end of your note Title, and you set a Reminder on the note, the + tells TuskTools to use the note's Reminder as the "appointment time" instead of a date string like ##7/12/14 at 8 am##.  Because Evernote Reminders do not have ending times, the appointment will always be 30 minutes long in your TuskTools (and Google) calendars.


Once you mark the Reminder as Done in Evernote, it will be removed from your TuskTools (and Google) calendars.


Recurring Reminders

Following on the above, if you want to define a recurring Reminder, instead of just a + sign at the end of the note Title, you add a recurrence indicator as follows:

+D      Recur daily

+W     Recur weekly

+M     Recur monthly

+Y      Recur yearly


If you want to indicate a larger interval, just add a number after the + sign.  For example:


+2W     Recur every 2 weeks

+6M     Recur every 6 months


For example, say you want to be reminded to pay your quarterly homeowner fees.  Just create a note with a Title like:

           Pay Potomac Grove Homeowners Association Fees   +3M

and set a reminder on that note for the next upcoming due date.


Then, each time you mark that reminder as Done, it will automatically be adjusted to its next occurrence (and the Complete indicator removed).

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