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(Archived) Thanks and testing now!


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Thanks guys, installed the new beta client and taking it for a spin.

I notice that the 'recent notes' and doing a search from the client takes you to the mobile site? Is this to be the final

way the client works?

Its a great start!

Thanks again,


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Can I be the first to officially request "Local Storage of Notes". I would be perfectly happy with just Text Notes being stored locally. I really want this. Yes I know i just got the native client I have been waiting on. I'm super happy so far. Now I have all these requests to make it perfect. I'm really hoping that it gets on par with the iPhone client.

Thanks for all the hard work.

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I don't mind the web interface for viewing existing notes. The app is pretty good. I have been waiting for a while for this app. The one question I have actually is along the same lines. When I do multiple searches from the Android client, each time it opens a new browser window to perform the search. So I complete one search, navigate back to the client and perform another search and a new browser window is opened.

Also, when taking a snapshot or an audio note, there is no simple way to get to the next screen. A "Next" button at the bottom of the screen would make this process much smoother. I think from both you have to press the Back button which is really not that intuitive to move forward.

That's all for now. Very impressive. I have used the Windows Mobile client for a while and it is nice to get a simple UI in Android for capturing my notes in a few clicks.

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That's correct. Like the BlackBerry client, the current Android client presents the web-based interface for browsing existing notes.

I assume the iPhone client accesses notes from within the Evernote client.

Do you plan on implementing this method in the Android application in future?



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The iPhone app has been under continual development for around 17 months (and has hundreds of thousands of regular users), so it has a bit of a head start on the new Android client. The overall experience of the current Android client is roughly comparable with what you would have seen in our very first iPhone release, but we're not stopping here. We plan to keep improving each client over time.

Thanks for taking a look over the app.

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That's great to hear, Dave. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the excitement of the android community once this ships to the Market.

Is this the right place to make feature requests or are there better ways to give feedback on the product?


Canyon R

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liking the app so far, thanks.

my only (tiny) request is that i noticed when i capture images through the app they are being saved in the root directory of the SD card, would it be possible to have them save in an "evernote" folder. just to satiate my mild OCD.


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thank you.

i have another request. when taking a snapshot, would it be possible to have the option to review the photo before uploading it. i know it stays on screen for a couple of seconds but when i take a photo of some text it would be ace to zoom in to check the focus/motion blur.

keep up the good work.

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We'll look into that. We've been focusing our design on reducing the number of steps necessary to create a note so, from that standpoint displaying a "Save or Retake" option may be less advantageous but maybe from the note page you can view/crop the photo.

A current workaround in the beta is: you can take photos using the phone's camera application, review them an then share them with Evernote.

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