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highlighting parts of an article w/o clipping the whole page

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I've made a recent shift from Diigo and I'm missing the ability to bookmark a page (a URL) and add highlighting or annotations to the content of the page without needing to clip the whole article.


In Diigo you can bookmark a URL and then highlight a quote and what will appear is just the highlighted quote and the URL.


Is there a way to do this?  Or am I going to have to adapt to a new workflow?  :)

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You have to adapt.

I rarely do it but when iI want to :

- I select each piece of text and type win+a

Then I merge notes. But you have to reverse the note list (EN merge from top to bottom)

But it's not very convenient. So I generally use Clearly and highlight the text I want and eventually remove the rest after in EN.

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It sucks that EN lacks functionality for highlighting clipped text. That is such a basic requirement for a productive notetaking/clipping service. If I find another service that does it like Diigo once did, bye bye EN.

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