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Tag Order Irregularity between Desktop and iPad

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I am just beginning to implement GTD using Evernote and am generally having good success. However, I am very bothered by the  fact that notes on the iPad order their tags differently than on the desktop clients.


As many of you know, GTD is interested in context of things to get done. In my implementation, I use tags to designate these contexts for who, what, where and when. So, for instance, I will use 1-Now  2-Next  3-Soon, etc for Priority (When) and similar contexts for the other things. I always put the Priority tag first on the note, so that when I bring the pending items up in Top List View on the desktop, the Priority is ordered properly. 


However, the iPad implementation of Evernote apparently ignores the order in which you've placed your tags.  So if I placed the tags on a note in the order of 3-Soon, @Town, Fitness (representing Priority, Location and project) the iPad implementation apparently reorders these by ASCII... @Town, 3-Soon, Fitness.


Is there som tweak or setting I'm missing on the iPad.  It absolutely doesn't work this way on the desktop.  I need to get the note tags to display IN THE ORDER I place them, otherwise the notes (actions) aren't in the proper execution order.


Thanks for any advice or help.



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You can use AA_ instead of @.

Moreover @ is a special character used for creating notes via email, and if you want to set it as a tag via email (ie #@home) it doesn't work.

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Appreciate tht. Seb. I really hadn't thought about that #@home thing at all. Good catch!


Right now the way I'm circumventing the issue is that I've created saved searched for each of the major priorities that I have and on the iPad I can just call them up by priority. That seems to be a decent workaround at this point.

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