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(Archived) Evernote at work

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I use Evernote at my work a lot. The only problem for me is what I can not synchronize the notebook with work-data since I don't want to send sensitive information to other company. So my work notebook is not being backed up. I have to back up notebook file manually from time to time. Also I can not access this data from outside my office using other computer. Shared notebook for collaboration with my collegues also could be fantastically useful. Services like EtherPad.com are starting to be more popular.

So what do I need is to have a possibility to locally encrypt all the notes from particular notebook and sync it with evernote server in encrypted form. On each client I have to enter the same password for every notebook to decrypt it. This password is used locally and never send to server.

To have this I could sacrifice some of the features: image recognition, note merging on the server, even some search possibilities, web access and etc.

In case this will be implemented me and some of my colleagues will definitely subscribe and use Evernote more widely in my company.

Other option is to sell evernote server to enterprises for local storage of sensitive data.

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This is what I'm looking for too. Either the capability to encrypt individual notes, or an entire notebook. That way I can add my bank statements etc... The encrypt text feature doesn't really do it for me, since the sensitive notes are generally PDFs.

This is a no-brainer premium feature for me. It would transform my use of Evernote. At present I have a local notebook with more sensitive files. So I need to back it up, and I can't access these notes on the web / iphone / laptop.

Pretty please...

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Well, I tend to do my accounts etc in my lunch break on my private laptop, which requires access to these kind of scanned documents. But I do the bulk of my scanning etc on my mac at home. I could switch to having my laptop as my primary EN machine, and stick the local notebook on there.

Surely the point of EN is "all my info, anywhere"? Encrypted text already handles a subset of the privacy issue, encrypted attachments seems a logical step.

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