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"Click to add tag" does not allow cancel


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If "Click to add tag" does not contain a suitable tag, there's no way to cancel the operation.


For example, if I enter "p" and a suitable tag is not available, the topmost tag is added to the selected note. I then need to delete the inserted tag and use Ctrl+Alt+T


An empty default slot at the top of the dropdown list would solve the problem.

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I have version 5.4.0 with Win 7.


I have the same option as you do. I seldom, if ever, use the full screen mode for an individual note. 


SebR's suggestion is the correct solution, if you want to add tags while in full screen mode.

Press backspace to clear the P and then Escape.


The reason I don't use the full screen note mode is because I use the Evernote Windows Vertical List View. Half of my screen is a view of each individual note. This allows me to see a large portion of my note without expanding it.



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I see what he means... when you open a note in a single window...above the note.


Well, why don't you just use  backspace Oldgrantonian?

Escape seems to work for me, regardless of whether a characters have been types or not; no backspace needed.

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jefito:  Escape seems to work for me, 


And me  :)


I upgraded a few days ago, from 5.1.?. In that version, I'm sure that the following did not work;

  1. Escape.
  2. Click on any empty area of the screen.

Now, #1 works OK. But #2 still does not work. (The topmost tag is inserted in the note.)


I would have thought that #2 is a bug. This is international language for "do nothing".


Anyway - Escape is fine   :)


Thanks for all the comments.

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