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Hi, I'm just wondering why I need to log in to Evernote every time I want to save a Skitch file I'm workoing on? I may be mistaken, but it seems that way. I can export, but I can't save anythign unless I'm logged. I don'tuse Evernote, I have no interest in using it. And the extra step to log in everytime just to use the application seems fairly prohibitive? Thanks for any guidance.

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Once you have created a Skitch file, go to File>Export. A Save dialogue box will open, allowing you to save the Skitch file anywhere you wish without going into Evernote.


See if that works for you.

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Thanks for the reply. I did not have to actually go into Evernote - it prompts you to log in, but you can click "Do This Later" and skip this, then opening in Skitch. Is there a way to avoid this internediate step though? Every time I open Skitch it prompts me to log in to Evernote. I mean, I don't have to log in to Photoshop every time I open that.


I did not know this, but it also appears that after exporting a flat .png you can open it back up in Skitch again. Oh, ok. That's not very intuitive since it's a .png, but anyway that appears to work.


Thanks for the help, I get a little irritated figuring out mundane tasks in programs this way. I think I'm ok for now, thank you :).

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