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I use a Saved Search to find notes wherein I have an undone check box. The problem is that I also use the checkboxes for items that need to be worked on next time I see a particular client. Thus, i really have a need for two types of check boxes - one for those things I need to do before seeing a client, and one for when I am actually with a client. Obviously Evernote only has one type of check box, so curious what you brilliant Evernote users would suggest as a workaround wherein my search would only result in those notes that contain todo's that I need to complete before seeing a client.


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I have to check if it works well, but that's the idea :


So, one note per client, with 2 checkbox (but you could do the same job with only one)

When you create it, you set the reminder (no due-date).

When 1st step is done, you check the 1st box, and set the reminder to "finish" (I use EN with french interface, I'm not sure of the words used in english)

And, obviously, when 2st is done you check the 2nd.


To display the notes at 1st, use this search : todo:false -reminderDoneTime:day-365

To display the notes at 2nd step, use this one : todo:false reminderDoneTime:day-365

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shekala - What is wrong with putting all check box items (both those before the meeting and during the meeting) in the same Note? Just separate them by a meaningful, descriptive line. 


You could even have 3 lists of check box items in the same Note:

  • Before the Meeting
  • During the Meeting
  • After the Meeting

Once nice advantage of this approach is that is will be a fairly simple matter to cut a check box item from one list and paste it into another list - something that I find happens frequently.

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