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(Archived) Bug in Mobile version for android..


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When using the mobile version for android, the interface doesn't fit, when using it in portrait mode. In portrait, the right hand menu and 'search' button are off-screen. It does fit when using it in landscape mode. See the attached screenshots, to see what I mean:



Perhaps this can be fixed easily, by setting the viewport meta tag in the HTML to this:

That way the browser's viewport is set to the device's resolution, instead of hardwiring it to 480px wide.

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Hi Dirky,

Yes, I can click on the thumbnails to enlarge them. Text-notes will then display as 'normal' text. Image notes will get larger, but not Full-size.

I'm using the default browser on HTC Hero. ('Android 3.0', according to browsercheck.nl)

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Hi bopp,

There was a problem with determining the correct screen size for Android (incorrect value was used in the meta tag that you mentioned), but it was fixed not too long before your post. If you could clear your browser cache (to be sure) and see if the problem still exists, and let me know if it does - I would greatly appreciate it!


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